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July 2013

Testimonial & Photos Shared from Rita Jagoditz of Norwood, Ohio

That old saying of "It's better the second time around" is true. I just returned from my second trip with [...]

June 2013

Testimonial & Photos Shared by Jill Meyers

We would like to thank everyone from Proud African Safari for helping to make our dream vacation become a reality. [...]

May 2013

Testimonial and photos shared by Barb & Jim Ivchenko of Livingston, NJ

Jim and I enjoyed the trip immensely!  It ranks in the top three of all the trips we've ever taken.  [...]

Testimonial & photos Shared from Terry & June McGurn of Reston, VA

Proud African Safaris' in-depth knowledge was an invaluable aid in planning our trip - once we decided exactly what we wanted [...]

March 2013

Engagement while on safari! Brett Eaglestein of Jay, FL and Emily Carroll of Blacklick, OH

Em and I cannot thank everyone at Proud African Safaris enough.  We have done nothing but rave about the trip, [...]

February 2013

Testimonial and Photos Shared from Nancy Harrison of Wellington, CO

Thank you seems totally inadequate to express my gratitude for the amazing trip to Tanzania.  I don’t even know where [...]

January 2013

Quotes & Photos Shared from Emad Anvar of Vienna, VA, and from Pratik and Raj Mathurs of Rockville, MD

PAS provided excellent service and our guide, had exceptional knowledge about the wildlife! We would recommend PAS to friends and family. [...]

Testimonial & Photos Shared from Caroline Ogden of Fort Collins, CO

Yes, I was expecting to see animals, and lots of them, when I journeyed to Tanzania.  In fact, when friends [...]

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